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About ViP

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Virtual Prototyping and Assessment by Simulation - ViP





ViP is a joint initiative for development and application of driving simulator methodology with a focus on the interaction between humans and technology (driver and vehicle and/or traffic environment).

ViP aims at unifying the extended but distributed Swedish competence in the field of transport related real-time simulation by building and using a common simulator platform for extended co-operation, competence development and knowledge transfer. Thereby strengthen Swedish competitiveness and support prospective and efficient (costs, lead times) innovation and product development by enabling to explore and assess future vehicle and infrastructure solutions already today.

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What's up?

ViP PM 2017-1
Linking gaze tracking with a simulated world
October 19 - 2017
ViP PM 2016-6
SPASS - Strengthen Performance Active Safety Simulator
October 19 - 2017
New ViP booklet
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April 11 - 2017
New publications
ViP Publication 2016-2, 2016-3 and ViP PM 2016-5
February 20 - 2017
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