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ViP workshop 2016

ViP workshop April 26-27, 2016

Thanks to all 35 participants, this final phase 2 workshop became a very pleasant and interesting event. It offered a mixed programme with:

•Challenges and ongoing work in the field of simulation
•Ongoing ViP projects
•The application to VINNOVA
•New partners and supporters in the VINNOVA application


The April 2015 ViP workshop looked both ways

Reaching what was meant to be the end of phase 2, in September 2015, this ViP workshop had the ambition to look both back at what has been finished so far, and ahead to what the future might offer.


On April 28-29, 2015 the workshop in Gothenburg attracted in all around 40 participants. Focus was mainly on; associated projects, the future, and ongoing ViP projects with demos.


Just before the workshop, the Director received the news that VINNOVA has agreed to extend the contract until December 31, 2016. Obviously, that offers a possibility to shape and plan for the future after phase 2, to see our partners well on board, secure their long-term committment and to design a new partner agreement, all within an ongoing ViP centre. 







ViP workshop gave a glimse into the future 

Participants gathered to a program filled with interesting presentations and networking in Gothenburg.

Our two days workshop event took place on Lindholmen, Gothenburg, between January 28th-29th. 
Starting with the latest updates from our ongoing ViP projects, the first day continued with showing off the newest approved projects in stage two (LCV, Wintersim, Simcity) and ended with a demo of the Stockholm tunnel bypass project in VTI SIM4.
On the second day the major industrial partners as well as the STA and VTI spoke about future plans in the organizations. The ViP board gave an update on their continous work facing stage 3 and external spokesman, Bengt Jacobsson from Chalmers gave an input on the collaboration opportunities ahead.

Many great discussions came to life during the workshop and new contacts were made. With a perfect mix of new and familiar faces and many innovative minds we succeeded in our goal to bring new light on the subject of simulation and science!

Thank you all for contributing!

Please contact our ViP coordinator for further info and questions.






Click here to read a summary of our latest workshop. Please contact our Centre coordinator for more information about our upcoming workshops. 

Workshop, June 12th - 13th 2013.

See below to get a glimse of the program, login to see the whole program. Registration is closed.


Day 1 - June 12th

10.00 Project DEMO at VTI (Sim III)

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Opening

13.30 Session 1: Project presentations (10 min presentations,

16.00 Session 2: The ViP projectleader - managing and communicating17.30 Session 2 continued: "Fun session"

19.30 Dinner



Day 2 - June 13th

8.30 Session 3: ViP phase 3 - a work in progress

10.00 Session 4: ViP and the surrounding world

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Session 4 continued

Closing session: Actions & summing up

15.00 End of workshop


Workshop 13-14 of Nov. 2012

Thanks to all our participants our last two days workshop event turned out even more successfull than the last. This time we gathered up in an inspiring environment on the countryside just outside of Katrineholm.


Many great discussions came to life and new contacts were made between ViP partners as should be! With a perfect mix of new and familiar faces we succeeded in our goal to bring new light on the subject of simulation and science!


If you want information about our workshops, please feel free to contact us.


Thank you all for contributing!

Please login to see more photos and material from the workshop.



Workshop 17-18 of january 2012 - Gothenburg

Our latest ViP workshop was held in Gothenburg. A total of 52 participants joined us for 2 days of project presentations, sessions for new project ideas and last but not least - very interesting discussions. We would like to thank all of our participants for two very productive days with great networking!


Underneath you can find the programme from our latest ViP workshop in Gothenburg. Click the text below.


Program 120117-120118


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