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New Project: 2TB

Standardising Attention Assessment  

It is well known that driver distraction is a factor present in many accidents and incidents. One source of distraction can be that the driver is occupied doing secondary tasks, for example manipulating climate controls or making entries into a navigation system. Road vehicle manufacturers are now prompted to make sure that equipment in the vehicle (provided as standard or option) does not impose unacceptable workload during driving in such a way that it could affect the primary driving task in a negative way. In order to study the workload of such equipment, an effective and efficient simulator test is to be developed.


The development will be done in two phases. In the first phase, a driving task of constant complexity will be used in combination with three secondary tasks with variable complexity, which load highly on the visual, cognitive or manual channel, respectively. A host of variables will be used to measure driver behaviour and determine driving and secondary task performance indicators, which are sensitive to changes in task complexity. It is planned to use only PI that do not in themselves pose a risk of interference with the secondary task under investigation, that is, evaluation methods like DRT/PDT or the occlusion method will not be employed. The second phase, for which additional financing will be sought, will add the dimension of varying environmental complexity to acknowledge the fact that performance decrements based on the interaction of driving and executing a secondary task do not have to be linear.




Katja Kircher


581 95 Linköping




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