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New project: DeDT

DeDT - Design tool for complex Driving Environments

The scope of the project is to investigate and implement funtionality to generate more complex driving environments by adding for instance junctions and advanced animated objects such as pedestrians and cyclists. Adding this functionality to the simulator will greatly improve realism and widen the range of feasible driving scenarios. In addition to this, the intention will also be to build a model of one of Test Site Sweden's test tracks. The project will also investigate the possibilities for integrating this functionality in a design tool, in order to make it easier and more cost-effective to produce new advanced driving environments. 



Participating partners: HiQ, VTI, Volvo Technology, Dynagraph, Pixcode, Bombardier and SVMF

Project period: January 2011 - June 2011

Project manager: Andreas Hagemann, HiQ, +46 (0)730 928 911


The DeDT project is carried out in co-operation with Test Site Sweden who is also co-funding the project.

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