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New project: POVW

POVW - Principal Other Vehicle Warning  


Depending on the specific situation the possibility to avoid an accident may differ significantly between the principle actors of a pending collision, e.g. one actor (1) may easily avoid a collision while the other actor (2) may not be able to do so. The only possibility for Actor 2 to avoid a collision in such a situation is to issue a warning to Actor 1, so that he/she may take evasive actions. Connecting the horn and the headlight to already existing sensor system, for automatic warning activation, is a cost effective means to provide such a warning. One of the aims of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of such a warning, for drivers with and without hearing disorder, and also to validate if the communication between the actors is experienced as intended.


One objective of this project is to develop simulation technology for a realistic sensation of headlight glare and horn sound of an on-coming vehicle. The effect of using these signaling systems in a critical situation will then be studied in the VTI simulator. The aim of that study is to find a suitable warning signal which makes the driver react fast and try to avoid a collision. It is important that the driver understands the message of the signal to be able to distinguish between "normal" horn and blink signals which are not time critical and this time critical warning. Since a feasible warning system should be accessible for all drivers the participants in this study will be both individuals with and individuals without hearing disorder. To be able to compare changes in driving behavior associated with cognitive workload an additional cognitive task will be added. This task will also be used to distract the drivers to create a critical event.


The critical event where SV (green) crosses the line and POV (red) has the warning system.  



Research on the effectiveness of the horn and headlight signaling in critical situations is very limited. Therefore, the research provided in this project is expected to have a significant impact on the traffic safety community. Furthermore, automatically triggered signals may provide a large safety benefit to a very limited cost provided that a vehicle is already equipped with pre-crash sensors. The project will also implement tools for future studies on Headlight glare, Horn signals and head-to-head collision scenarios to be used by all VIP partners.



Participating partners: VTI and VCC

Project period: September 2010 - December 2011

Project manager: Birgitta Thorslund, VTI, +46 13 20 41 55

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